At Tailor, we are committed in creating the most compelling property company of the 21st century by driving the transition towards an intuitive home: A home for today and tomorrow.

A home is a place of connection, of safety, of love and celebration and technology may help enhance and support those emotional needs.

Tailor’s home are designed and built with detail considerations in internal spaces, external facade, landscaping and seamless, integrated technology.


Tailor was co-founded by Ashesh Jalota and Brian Chua who shared a commitment to challenge and improve the model of residential living. Established in 2014, the Tailor design team combines years of experience with the spark and energy of youthfulness. Central to Tailor’s vision of luxury in modern homes is great design and liveability, together with integrated home technology. Inspired by its location, each project has individual character and is designed with sensitivity to the surroundings. Working alongside local suppliers, Tailor strives to maintain excellent quality across every aspect of development.